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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Counters and RSS

Counters are useful when it comes to being able to follow the amount of tags your site gets. This is gives the author a chance to see how many people visit his/her website a day - month - year.

Rss Feeds are extremely useful, they allow the web author to customize a feed from a web site of their choosing which ultimately creates a feed on their web page, showing the current updates of that selected site

MPI_104 2010 - What have I learnt?

Mpi104, began to as quite a slow process, I knew in the beginning that we would be approaching the skills to be able to complete a website, and everything to do with HTML, XHTML and CSS. However I didn't know that the group blogging side was so important. I underestimated the importance of regularly completing a blog post on what I had learnt in class, and what I thought of the current subject we were learning about. Not to mention commenting on others thoughts and not being affraid to show my own opinion.

Mpi104 so far has taught me how to create a basic blog page, which has now over 10 posts :), on several different subjects to do with Multimedia, including HTML, CSS, Flickr etc. MPI has also taught me to create basic HTML web pages using Notepad and Word and learning to style the font to be large and different colours + adding links.

Mpi has also taught me how to create a nice looking web page with Iweb, that has 3 + pages, which I designed myself without a template, I found it more challenging and self appealing. So far MPI has taught me quite a bit to do with the web industry and how it works, this also includes the process of uploading and deleting from FTP software such as fetch and also adding RSS feeds to my Iweb and Blog.

All together I found that MPI104 this term has created an awareness inside me about the internet and I must say I have thoroughly gained priceless information about how to use applications and software, that will enhance my web design abilities in the future.

During the semester I had a couple of weeks, where I had some Emotional confusing with a few things, however I have now caught up what was needed for assignment 3 and am now up to date in the information I need to know to proceed to next semester. I'm happy to say that I have enjoyed the class so far, and am looking forward to next semester.

FTP and Publishing.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's a standard procedure in a network, to transfer information from one host too another by using TCP/IP. FTP is based on a single user application so it prevents other user configuration. FTP apps such as Fetch (for mac) and File Zilla (for PC) are used to upload information for a website then tunneled through a certain web address to spit out the desired webpage, designed and uploaded in to FTP software.

By using FTP, users can benefit from positive aspects such as secuirty in there design and creation of web pages, they can also benefit from the luxury of lauching from their own Personal Computer.

Some of the negatives about FTP is that it isn’t very secure. the security between computer swapping for uploading to other computers is minimal. FTP was created years before security was a real issue, so this creates a problem for the user.

Templates + CSS

The advantages of using CSS are simple. As a user, you are able to use CSS codes to style your page, yourself. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a code used to create presentation semantics. it is commonly used to style HTML and XHTML. Proffesional Web designers, use CSS to thoroughly enhance their webpages, to make them look more "stylish". By using CSS, advantages such as Self design and creativity arise. Not to mention the Link of CSS to all pages within a webpage, making it easier to design all in mass production, instead of one by one.

By using Templates, one can easily create their blog/web page to look nice, without doing the CSS part. This becomes very handy when only need to drop in some picutres and information.

However, by using a template, you can't change things like Colour of font, borders, design of page, and so on. Templates are simply the easiest way to quickly design a page that looks decent. and makes it easy for beginners.

When it comes to Accesibility, it is important to recognise the people who aren't as mobile in some ways as others. Accesibility refers to the "ability to access", creating simple ways for people who are no able to access as easily as others. It is important to consider accesibility within your site, to make sure the less fortunate have the ability to "access" your page.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Blogs are designed to cater for private or multi-person thoughts. People can use blogs for any purpose in relation to posting their thoughts, Blogger was bought by google in 2003 and is used by millions of people all over the world.

I've recenetly taken a serious liking to Blogger, at first I couldn't understand why blogger was so useful, but through the weekly exercises posted by damian and the opinions I get from other classmates, I can really see why blogger is used in the web business.

Blogger also creates a virtual identity for people, giving them something they can work on and improve, through CSS and creative spree's.

Here is a definition of blogs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Technorati is an internet search engine for "searching blogs". Technorati was indexing over 100 million blogs by June 2008. The name technorati is a blend of the words "technology and"literati".
Which invokes the notion of technological intelligence.

Technorati uses and contributes to open source software. Technorati has an active software developer community, many of them from open-source culture. Technorati looks at the tags authors have placed on their websites. These tags help categorize search results, with recent search results coming first. Technorati ranks each blog's "authority", the number of unique blogs linking to the blog over the previous six months.